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The binary options market has still not been regulated properly, and there is still no regulatory body that can track their activities online. But still, during the years there has been a constant increase of their activities and trades are infatuated with them. This might be the result of binary options accessibility and their constant progress in the technology. Because of that, different regulatory bodies have been formed to track their development on the market.

They are divided into geographical regions, and their main mission is to track binary options broker and every suspicious activity and to protect the traders from possible fraud.

Many binary options brokers nowadays have interesting and appealing platforms with the outstanding interface and all to attack a large number of clients. But not every broker has good reputation and traders should always have that in their mind. The U.S. has strict regulations regarding the binary options trading. In those regulations, they don’t accept trades from a certain geographical region.

Regulated brokers in the US

binary_options_trading_signalsThere are two regulatory bodies in the U.S. that monitor the work of binary options brokers. They are called Commodity Features Trading Commission and the National Features Association. Based on current regulations, it is still legal to accept traders who are based in the U.S. but, if any trouble or disagreement occurs between trader and broker, the trader has the right to prosecute the broker. In most cases, the brokers have lost those cases in the court.

Based on this, there are two types of brokers who can conduct binary options trade in the U.S. The first one are regulated by the two regulatory bodies mentioned above and the second are offshore brokers. Binary options broker that accepts traders from U.S is Finapari; this binary options broker is regulated and verified both by the costumers as well as American government.

Verified brokers in the UK

recessionRegarding the trading in the UK, traders here have several benefits. For instance, in the UK you can choose any binary options broker you wish, these are no geographical limitations. But, the work of binary options brokers here is regulated by the Cyprus Securitas and Exchange Commission and Financial Conduct Authority. These two bodies are most respected in the UK and the Europe. So, every trader should choose binary options broker recommended by these two regulatory bodies.

Even though the trades in the UK still have the freedom of choice, it is important to review each of the brokers you choose, before you invest the money.  Top three binary options brokers in the UK are 24Options, Banc de Binary and Iq Options.


Before you choose binary options broker, select the one that offers you the best conditions. Binary options brokers often compete to gain a large number of customers. But, for those conditions to be applied, traders often have to fulfill certain terms to gain bonuses or other suitability, so think wisely. The website offer you latest updates and news about binary options.