Successful guide to binary option trading

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Successful guide to binary option trading

Binary options are one of the easiest ways to make money nowadays, and anyone can profit from them. The basic procedure is that investor predicted the movement of the price and based on that he invests the money. Traders have a large variety of trades to choose, from commodities and indices to currency pairs and stocks. You can find more information on


There are only two possible directions when binary options are in question, if you think that price will rise, you put a call option, opposite to that, if you think that price will decrease you put a put option. This is one of the reasons why binary options have become so popular.

What trades to choose?

softwareThis is the initial step which every trader should review carefully. Binary options offer you four possibilities: currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices. Every trades must be well informed about the trade he wishes to place. Otherwise, he will lose money. For example, if you think that the value of the gold is going to rise, you put a call option, on the other hand, if you think that values of the gold will fail, you put a put option.

How to choose a broker?

To have successful trades, you need to choose an appropriate broker. There are a lot of brokers nowadays, but how to choose the right one? It’s important to review fully every broker you choose because there are a lot of frauds nowadays. Among the most respected ones are Banc de Binary and 24Options, they are both regulated and have a license for work, besides that they offer great condition for brokers.

Expiry time is important

Once you decided which type of option you wish to trade, you need to select the expiry time for your trades. This can depend on many factors and expiry time can vary from 60 seconds up to one month. This is an important thing because expiry time can determine your future profit. For inexperienced users, it advised to use shorter expiry time, but for more advanced, they can use whatever they like. Every time you select the expiry time, think of your future profit and possible gain.

Use every possible tool

Many brokers will offer you news and advice on how certain binary option behaves on the market. It is important to go through each of these tools, to make sure you fully understand everything before you place a trade. When profit is in order, you should always aim to success.Increase your trading budget

binary-options-pro-master-with-bollinger-bands1Binary options brokers have to compete for the attention of new traders because there is so many of them now. The situation on the market is demanding, and traders can use that to their advantage. Binary options brokers offer various type of features just to attract new customers, such as bonuses, demo accounts, technical support and many others. But, trades must be very careful before choosing one of these features for free because they often come in a form of certain demands and conditions trader must fulfill before he can use it.

Learn five basics about binary options

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Learn five basics about binary options

In the recent years, binary options have gained huge popularity because people are finding the quick ways to earn money. They are very convenient, people can access them at the back of their home, with the help of computer and internet and they don’t require a lot of investment.

What are binary options?

Binary options are predictions of underlying assets and their performance during the designed time. For example, investors buy binary options, and if their value increases during the estimated period and they sell it, they will earn money and make a profit, in any other case they will lose money.

Even though this type of investment requires a constant worry about the time and when is the right moment to sell the option, binary options can be quite predictable, investors just need to have a little practice.

The meaning of binary options

The basic meaning of the word binary has two parts. In this case, the investor has to predict the movement of the price and either choose “call” or “put”. This is the beauty of binary options trading because the investors only have two options to choose. For example, if you predict that movement of the option will rise, you put a call option, if you think that price will decrease you a low option.

The initial step of every binary options trading is the choosing the right option to trade, for example, if the trader has an interest in silver, he will buy a binary investment in silver. The more the investor knows about the silver market, the bigger the chances are for him to make a profit.

What binary assets can investors trade?

There are four types of binary options:

Indices: Nikkei, Dow Jones, Nasdaq and many others, currency pairs: USD, GBP, AUD, EUR are just a few names of many currency pairs investors can choose. Commodities: Coffee, oil, silver, gold, corn and many others, and stocks: binary options have in their system more than 50 most respected world’s companies, such as Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, Deutsche Bank and much more.

How can investors learn to trade?

pcr-7-cpcsmoothFirst of all, investors need to choose binary options broker and depending on that; many trading platforms have tutorial and demo accounts made to help investors get the ropes. No one will require from you to know everything from the start; that’s why they create demo accounts. Here investors have the opportunity to try the trading platform and invest the virtual money. Mostly, the minimum deposit is $250 and minimum amount per trade is $5.

What are the best binary options brokers?

So far, binary options brokers who made a lot of trust with their clients are 24Options and Banc de Binary. They offer clients various type of the accounts as well as low initial investment. The trader can decide which account he wishes to use and at a reasonable price. The both companies are located in Cyprus and fully operative since 2012.